Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sexy Date Idea #2 - Take a Wine Making Class

If you are outgoing, a little eclectic, sophisticated and eager to learn, a wine making class might be a great way to bond. I have taken a class like before and it was quite the experience. The type of people that take these courses is very different. They are all "characters", there were French and Italians. Quite the mix!

It's a fun loving group of fancy people who refuse to grow up. They are all like kids at heart, but not so immature and unexperienced. They are fun to be around.

By taking a class together, it's a fabulous way to bond and it gives you something in common. Something to relate to. It will also be an experience never to forget. You both can become experts in the field and share a few bottles of wine when it's over!

Another great reason to take a wine making class together is because you are guaranteed to see her 5 more times for 5 more dates! The classes usually last 2 months and meet about three or 4 times to make your wine. You are guaranteed for these dates, so pull out all the stops to impress her while you can and at the end, if she likes you, you are game for more dates! It's a great way to take a trial run and get her to really like you by the time the wine is done fermenting.

Make sure to snag her for dinner after each wine making class. This gives you something to talk about, you can discuss the people or the process and spen more time getting to know each other on a more intimate level, not in a sexual way but becuase there is no one else there just you two face to face.

Once it is all done, you will come out of there with about 20-30 bottles of wine and you can share those two.

A secret under-plan is that by consuming your nearly endless supply of wine, you can maybe get into bed together. And we all know what happens when a newly dating couple consumes a bottle of wine!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sexy Date Idea #1 - Go to The Zoo

This date suggestion is perfect for a first date or the thousandth date. It's also perfect if you budget is limited. The type of girl or guy that will enjoy this date is a down-to-earth type, maybe a vegetarian or hippie type. Also the free-spirited people and the wacky individuals who deviate from the norm. Astrological signs include Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius will enjoy this the most. Here goes the date tip: THE ZOO

Go to the zoo. This is a romantic date in a fun way. Watching the animals play is reminiscent of your childhood. You can really let yourself go, be like a kind again. It is so playful and enjoyable. you can make monkey sounds, roar at the Lions, and act really goofy and it's okay. The zoo is for kids and by acting childish, you leave your inhibitions at the door.

It's a great way to get to know someone because people at the zoo are relaxed, calms and the mood floats into you. There is no worry about being uptight and shy. This is the best date place for conversations, they will flow like a river as the zoo provides an infinite amount of things to talk about! Everyone you turn a corner, you have something to speak of so by going to the zoo with your new lover there will never be a break of conversation!

The zoo is also a great place for people on a budget. After admission, you will buy an ice cream of tea bit that's about it. If you are tight with money, you don't even have to let the other person know that you are on a tight budget because the zoo does not cost much money.

You can sense a person's style of intimacy when they react to the way the animals are snuggling, fighting or in some cases, having sex! You can ask questions and get their answers to get to know them without them knowing. Perfect to spy on someone character. Taking your new lover to the zoo is great for the conversationalist and for people who like to see into the mind of others by listening to what they say.

The zoo date is not joys for the first date. Seasoned lovers can also enjoy the thrill of the zoo because it will be like forgetting your problems and immersing yourself in to another world. I compare it to a visit to Disneyland, just a few thousand dollars cheaper!

Personally, I have gone to the zoo with every partner I've ever had. There is a certain mystique about it and I would recommend the zoo date to absolutely everyone, info act I would coin it as a must-do date for every couple.