Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Escorts

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice Breaker - Sex Like Monkies

I read this article about chimps mating. People always admire chimpanzees because their sex lives are so rampant, they have promiscuous sex with multiple partners for days on end. Why can't we be like that? Don't believe me? Read about the sexual habits of chimps for some background information.

I read this article that says that female chips are quiet during sex so that other females cannot hear what they are doing. Why is this is any importance? Because when the females are quiet and the others do not know about the study stud that they are copulating with, they can have the man all to themselves.

I bet if monkeys could use sex toys, they certainly would. Humans are lucky to be more evolved to enjoy penis shaped dildos during sex with themselves or the partner.

In the chip world, it's all about getting screwed by the best genes, the sturdiest most well hung man. The females want this man all to themselves so they can get impregnated with their seed and keep up the good genes in their line.

Read the article here, it's actually quite interesting and then you can follow what I am writing about, about the sex lives of chimps. Another reason they keep quiet is that with too many sex partners, the males have no idea who's their baby! It all sounds like a big long episode of Maury Povich, doesn't it!?

Humans like to be loud during sex. Men love "screamers". Women bay and holler and yelp in fun, fantasy and pain and we like that. If we always try to be like monkeys and admire them, think twice because they are silent during sex and that's not what we want to be. You get to enjoy the a complicated rabbit vibrator so don't take your dexterity for granted!

Being quiet also reduced any hostility between females, now if chimps want to be like human,s they should toss some jello over the females while they fight for the men!