Monday, September 15, 2008

Sexy Date Idea #6 - Showered With Flowers

This is a simple idea that will add a huge amount of romance to any date. If you are strapped for cash and maybe a little shy, you can always rely on flowers to strike her in the right way! Also, you can spring for silk flowers, as they will last longer and shine brighter! But what kind of flowers do you give at what stage in the relationship? It can be confusing to decided what flowers as some types have deeper meanings than others!

For a first date, if you do decided to give flowers, stick with a nice, bright arrangement. Carnations and Mum's are a nice mix, topped off with some greenery. The good thing about these flowers is that Carnations are generally a representation for 'women', and Mum's represent a good friendship. Also, both if these flowers come in many different colors, so you can get a very bright and cheerful bunch. These flowers are typically cheaper.

Becoming more involved with your partner, you may want to pick it up a notch, and get some more interpretative flowers. Lets say it has been 3 months into the relationship (you don't want to over-do the flower thing..), for this amount of time, you could consider getting her a nice Marigold and Daisy bunch. The Marigold means deep affection, and the Daisy means cheerful, innocent, and friendly. This is a romantic mix of emotions depicted in flowers! These flowers are usually not to expensive.

Its been some time now, about 6 months, and you are going out for a romantic and special date. Time for flowers once more! At this stage of the relationship, you may want to invest in some more intense flowers, which will be a bit more pricey. You can most definitely go the Rose route, which stands for different things depending on the color. If you choose red Roses, they represent passion, romance, relationship, and of course love! If you decide on roses, don't mix them with other flowers (except baby's breath – the little white flowers and greenery) as they make a bold statement on their own.

If you want to be more unique, appropriate flowers for this stage would be Orchids, which mean luxury, beauty, nobility and opulence. Orchids typically come as a potted plant, and can range from $20.00 - $150.00 and then some.

Another good choice for this occasion is a bunch of Iris's and Lily's. The Iris means promise, faith, dedication, while the Lily means purity and clarity. These flowers are gorgeous and stunning, and range in passionate colors. These flowers are more expensive, but are worth the sensual surprise!

No matter when you decided to give flowers, be sure to make it a surprise. She will be so thrilled and will think of you as someone who cares for her, and wants her to be happy. But be careful not to frighten her with commitment flowers too soon, but don't lead her astray with simple flowers for an intense occasion! Enjoy buying your lover flowers, and always buy the ones you like the best!

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