Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sexy Date Idea #3 - Go Horseback Riding

This is a such a great date idea because not only can you connect with your partner, but you can connect with nature too!

Horseback riding makes the best first date idea because when you are on a trail ride, you are not forced into awkward conversations or uncomfortable setting because you will not be close to your partner. You will be either behind or in front. Horseback riding is can also be sexually arousing for some people because of the phallic implication of bouncing and riding, similar to riding each other, pony style and any other rough horse play sex!

It will get you in the mood for sex but very subtly, without actually suggesting it. Dress up like cowboys too, it will be so erotic and sensual! You can "rope" each other and have sexy embrace.

The ride is soothing and fun because it is so peaceful, bo8ndign along nature trails. Get in touch with nature will soothe the soul, calm and relax. Enjoy the scenery. Think about what you will say afterwards when you two go out or a romantic dinner.

Think of conversations to say, enjoy each other's presence without the uncomfortable of being "on" all the time. You can really be yourself and let loose on a horseback ride.

Sharing this on a first date is very exciting but if you have been together for a while, a sexy trail ride is the best way to re-connect after years of marriage or months of regular everyday normal dating.

Look though your local phone book because on the outskirts of virtually every city lies a ranch that offers trail rides. Some even allow full day rides with a romantic lunch stop over the open fire. If you are really adventurous, you can go for an overnight trail ride and really get closer together on an intimate level.

After riding horse, the phallic side will explode and you two will enjoy hot and passionate sex!

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