Monday, June 9, 2008

Sexy Date Idea #4 - Get an Astrology Reading

This date idea is great for everyone, even skeptics. Keep in mind that I mean that you two see an astrologist, not a psychic which can turn out to be too heavy, especially for a first date and if your psychic is really good.

An astrologist is someone who will compare your astrology signs to see if you are compatible or not. This is so much fun because every couple has good points and bad points about their relationship, no matter what sign they are. You can really get to see where you will be compatible and where tensions will occur!

If you get an astrology reading on a first date, it can give you ideas of what to expect down the road. You will know where your conflicts arise, on where you two will disagree and what you won't see eye to eye on. These little defects can be known and you can fix them before they start, and you can know how to act around each other to keep the peace!

Many couples who have been together for a long time get an astrology signs reading because they use it as a last ditch effort to save the relationship. Your astrology signs can have a huge impact on how you will get along and how you won't.

Even if you don't believe in and zodiac signs, try it for fun. Think of it as a fun first sate idea because it will be very memorable and you will have such a fun bonding experience. Even if you don't believe anything about astrology at all, you might be a little surprised, if you are not surprised - well I'm sure you will be because I'm an astrology fan and when you combine your sun sign with your rising sign and your moon sign, it really comes together about your personality.

The following paragraph explains why skeptics should go to see an astrologist with their partner as a date idea and a way to get to know each other better:

Here's what I mean by that, I am an Aquarius but am not as social as they should be so it does not describe me very much. When you look closer at my chart, I have a Taurus moon which explains my homebody urge and my little less social tendencies. This totally makes sense. But i am really concentrated on my self and have the showy instinct and like to draw attention, but Taurus don't and Aquarius do only a little bit. Then you combine this with my Leo rising and all three parts really make sense!

When you combine your sun, rising and moon signs, then you will understand why astrology is so good, so to all the skeptics out there, you must get an astrology reading and then you will totally change your mind - and it will be an intimate and super fun date idea.

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